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How Demonetization Is Affecting India’s Citizens

Bitcoin.com (BC): As an ordinary Indian, what impact has the demonetization had on you up to now?

Sameera Pandilakshmi

Sameera Panddilakshmi (SP): In actuality, demonetization has had a negative effect on the way I carry out my daily activities. With exchanging the rupee notes at banks which is highly 19, I had to start. Distress is caused by changes in the rules regarding the demonetization process on a frequent basis by the Government of India as you had to keep up with the deadlinestop 5 bitcoin casino bitcoin casino free faucet I don’t know what the government is currently trying to accomplish. New rule every three days and bitcoin casino no deposit bonus code. People have everywhere to feelings. There is a sense of urgency attached to even simple chores such as shopping in a supermarket store/supermarket, paying electricity bills, filling up the tank, etc..

BC: Do you think many Indians are for demonetization?

SP: Initially, the majority of Indians welcomed the demonetization move. They believed that it would wipe out hoarding of black money, corruption and the financing of terrorism. As days passed by, the consequences of the demonetization procedure made many Indians question the effectiveness of the move. Over 80 people have lost their lives due to reasons ranging from standing at banks for long hours in long queues to being denied treatments at hospitals due to lack of currency notes of smaller denomination.

BC: From the perspective is a cashless society possible in India?

SP: the whole transformation of India into a cashless society is a possibility, though it can’t happen overnight. The transition will be more easy for urban India compared to rural India due to integration of the system in urban areasTrusted 7bit casino EWallets like PayTm, Freecharge, Ola Unified and Money Payment Interface applications facilitate transactions .

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