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More Industrial Archeology, an exploration field in: Arts> Architecture Science and Techno> middle of Study Technology in December 1996 Industrial archeology: a field of scientific and technical adventure, historical and aesthetic! As swathes of past industries disappear, emerges the concept of Archeology … industry. Investigate and develop our industrial heritage: what for?

It is primarily an irreplaceable instrument introduction to the history of industrialization and homeworkmarket.me
more generally in the history of technology, economic and social, in schools and universities. It is also a way to spread in all the public, the scientific, technical and industrial culture (it is clear that the public is not mistaken, during Heritage Days in September) Authors: Site of BT2 ICEM and Gerard Salagnon more heroes of the Third Republic history textbooks in: Geo> history June 2002 the heroes of history textbooks of the Third Republic a doc – 1.9 MB Authors: Site BT2 ICEM Claude Dumont and Maurice Andre 1 attachment Rome, the eternal city.

I.Metropole of antiquity In: Geo Rome in December 1966, current capital of Italy, has been one of the most influential cities of antiquity. This issue evokes ancient Rome. Rome, the eternal city. I.Metropole of antiquity doc Authors: A. Pere and Construction BT ICEM 1 attachment Kosovo or Kosova November 2003 This paper presents the state that made the big news headlines in 1999, during the Yugoslav conflict.

The text of the BT2, published in 2003, joined a 2013 update where the author mentions some aspects of the evolution of the situation. Kosovo or Kosova document 2 ,8Mo Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Michel Pilorget 1 attachment Our henhouse In: French Science and Techno May 2013 At College Andre Malraux (Mazan 84), 6th of students 5th and built a chicken coop and raise chickens for three years.

Here is the slideshow they designed to tell this experience and research they have done on this occasion. Our chicken coop, doc Author: college Mazan 1 attachment The war in the time of William the Conqueror In: Geo> History May 2013 In the Middle Ages, in the eleventh century, Duke William of Normandy conquered the throne of England; and his wife, Queen Matilda, kept the memory of the wars of that time. A class tells his discoveries.

Authors: Site BTn ICEM and class Muriel Quoniam More The salt marshes in Brittany: Economy History Geo December 2012 Salt has always been an important element in the preparation and preservation of food. For a long time, men and women have harvested sea salt. In southern Brittany, the sea salt is still harvested by, marsh (1) and salt extractors in the salt marshes. Here is their country, their work here.

The salt marshes Breton doc Authors: Site BT ICEM Georges and Nicole Drano Drano 1 attachment The Second World War In: Geo> History May 2013 Pupils from CM1-CM2 tell that they learned from the Second World War Author: CM1 CM2 Seillons
Results 11 to 20 from 182 Results Snakes France In: Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth environment Research in November 1971 This two BT presents the main characteristics of snakes and the species living in France. BT No.

733 and 781 Authors: Site BT ICEM and Maria Theresa Lanceau 1 World Snakes attachment In: Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth middle of February 1977 After Study the BTn on snakes of France, this text presents the snakes in the world. BT 839 World Snakes Authors: Site BT ICEM Maria Theresa Lanceau and Yves Lanceau 1 attachment War Camisards In: Geo> History September 1987 We are in the Cevennes, in the early eighteenth century, under the reign of Louis XIV.

This region has a long war from 1702 to 1704: the war of the Camisards. A revolt among other experienced by France under the reign of Louis XIV? This BT brings some answers to the question. BT No.

990, War of the Camisards Authors: Site BT ICEM and Henri Mouysset 1 attachment Roman numerals In: Geo> History Math> Calculation, operations Languages> Ancient Languages ??January 2002 Science and Gallo-Roman techniques early on, we needed to count. The system set up by the Romans was complex and irrational. But the Roman civilization that dominated Western Europe, the Roman numerals have survived into our present life!

Authors: Site BT ICEM Christiane Petitiot and Liliane Pernot More An international standard: In the second: Science and Techno> Physical Sciences, Chemistry Maths November 2000 An international standard: For the second time a measure must be defined a unit time accepted by all. The definition of this unit is now very precise and universal: it is the second.

More Expelled Lorraine In: Geo> History French November 2000 In 1940, when Hitler’s troops invaded part of France, over 300,000 Moselle are expelled. This BT recounts this dark moment in the history of France through the diary kept Odette Andrew, a young Moselle.

BT 1122 Expelled Lorraine, 1940-1945 doc Authors: Bernard Hamon and Construction BT ICEM 1 attachment Rome, the eternal city: Middle Ages to today In: Geo Rome was in July 1967 already one of the most influential capitals of Antiquity. This BT traces its evolution from the Middle Ages to today.

BT 649 Rome, the eternal city document II Authors: A. Pere and Construction BT ICEM 1 attachment Sport, Money and Politics In: Economy EPS Sport, Money and Politics doc (1.1 MB) A look engaged on the “sports” practical Authors (to withstand the pressures, and put the business in human development service!) Site BT2 ICEM Franck Linol, Jacques Andre and Rene Bernard more Yona Friedman, how to inhabit the Earth? In: Science and Techno> Technologies French Philosophy January 2011 Yona Friedman, how to inhabit the earth a – 3.4 MB Innovative designs Yona Friedman in architecture and walked slowly now recognized well- validity of his ideas.

Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Mayon Pfeiffer 1 attachment literary trends In: French October 1991 This file provides a framework to help everyone build his literary knowledge by placing them within the many trends of our literary history. BT2 No.

240 literary trends of the Song of Roland in Onitsha Jean-Marie Le Clezio, doc Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Michel Pilorget 1 attachment Ā«first
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Results 21 to 30 from 182 hits At the discovery of a Gallo-Roman city: Cemenelum (Nice-Cimiez) In: Geo February 1976 Many traces of the Gallo-Roman cities have survived.

This BT focuses on excavations at Nice on the Cimiez hill. BT 819, Discovering a Gallo-Roman city: CEMENELUM (Nice-Cimiez) doc Authors: Site BT ICEM and Mrs. Bianchini 1 attachment Water in the Roman city, aqueducts In: history-Geo October 1989 Then as now provided with water is vital to humanity.

BT This shows how the Romans assured water supply to their areas. BT 1011 water in the Roman town, aqueducts .Document Authors: Site BT ICEM and Marie-France Puthod 1 attachment Defense and Citizenship In: Geo Philosophy Sociology May 2008 citizen link -Nation he goes through the military? What is the role of citizens in national defense? This BT2 addresses this question and many others in France and other countries.

BT2 N10 Defense and Citizenship document Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Maurice Andre 1 attachment to rocks Pebbles In: Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth environment Research in January 2003 Pebbles the rocks Interview with Nathalie Vidal Authors: Site BT ICEM and Gerard Rigaldo lavender more in: Economy mid Study History Geo January 2003 lavender, “soul of Provence” as wrote Giono, is also an element of the regional economy. BT 1144 Lavender document Authors: Site BT ICEM and Georges Jaegly 1 attachment L’Olivier in: Economy mid Study History Geo February 1998 The olive tree is considered the emblem of the Provence.

It is as ubiquitous all around the Mediterranean and grows in many countries. This BT presents the tree, its culture, the use of its fruits, its history as its symbolic. BT 1095 The olive document Authors: Site BT ICEM Jean-Pierre Jaubert, Lucien Buessler and Roland Bolmont 1 attachment A high school experience in Mali In: French History Geo November 2003 High school students s’ engage in a project of cooperation and mutual assistance with Mali.

This BT2 traces their discovery of the country and steps of this collaboration.


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